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About Us

Markham Property Management specializes in Residential Properties around the Bay of Plenty. Located in the beautiful and thriving town of Kawerau MPM provides a fair and honest approach to property management.

Looking after both owner and tenant Markham Property Management have great communication and administrative skills making all procedures simple and easy.

How We Can Help You

Whether it's your first investment property or you have a larger portfolio, the team at Markham Property Management aims to provide a sense of security that your property is in safe hands. With an honest approach to property management we treat every property as if it is our own, whilst providing an excellent service and competitive rate. We work hard to find the "Right" tenant, and with detailed and rigorous application processes in place this makes the selection stand out.   

With regular inspection reports and detailed ledges available, you will always know what's happening with your property. Markham Property Management makes the procedure stress free which leaves you to do one job and that is to relax. 

Meet The Team​

Sonia Markham - Owner & Property Manager.

With years of experience in human resources, Sonia has great negotiation skilled and can problem solve even the most unusual situation. Sonia's hard work and dedication has led her to opening her own business in October 2019....and it has thrived since. 

With her portfolio continuously growing Sonia has been able to adapt to that with her incredible organizational and time management skills. 

Jessica McBride - Property Manager 

Jessica has been with Markham Property Management since September 2020, bringing a sense of calm about the way she works and deals with people, Jessica is a great asset to the business. She is very organized and her follow up is impeccable, you can be confident that Jessica will always do the right thing for both owner and tenant.  

Sarah Hockley - Property Manager

Sarah was approached by Markham Property Management Ltd - August 2022 as we saw that she showed some great qualities to add to the team, one of those qualities was "dedication" she attends 4-5 Boxing training seasons per week and has 3 beautiful children as well. Sarah is trying everyday to improve the experience the tenants and owners have when they deal with her...It's working. 


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